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About Wrap Distribution

WRAP Distribution's specialty is in the warehousing of goods, fulfilment of goods and providing access to discounted mailing services for a wide variety of clients in the retail and non-retail sectors. Founded in 1999 with the aim of helping a growing set of companies with their requirement to store products efficiently during their initial growth phase and for its retail partners, to take away the operational headache of picking/packing/shipping which is a time drain for companies looking to expand quickly and aggressively into today's marketplaces, WRAP Distribution now operates a number of distribution centres, including a flagship 100,000 square foot facility located in Oxfordshire, UK.

By having a single entity which took care of this business for a multitude of clients, the savings on warehousing space and the combined efficiency reached by handling large volumes meant that its founding partners were able to focus on business growth, knowing that logistics were being taken care of by a team of people who had deep knowledge in the logistics sector. Initially, the focus was on providing this service to online retail, an industry which has exploded in the first decade of the 21st century. This remains an area of deep expertise for WRAP Distribution allowing it to integrate and align with online retailers seamlessly. Having thrived, WRAP Distribution has since grown to provide the service to an increasing number of retailers, both online and traditional retail, as well as expand into non-retail sectors where storage and transport of goods is more complex and fulfilment more tailor made to different markets.

WRAP Distribution operates with a clear methodology, our clients should feel as if the warehouses where they store their products or access our services are their own, and they should be able to login and view the status of any of their products at any time via our simple but powerful online account section. We always operate with full transparency, putting timestamps and names of our warehouse staff on every action that is taken for our clients - allowing them to fully audit our work yet remain divested of the responsibility of making sure things go to plan each and every day. Whether you are just storing items with us, or partnering with us to get your products to your customers, you will know what is happening and when it happened, every step of the way.